No More Tears and Fears for Joe* (and Mum)

When Joe’s Mum called she was in tears and at the end of her tether.  Joe (age 8) has a diagnosis of ASD and had  been going to school fine until recently and then something happened. He was having meltdowns at home and in school.  He was full of fear and anxiety and he didn’t want Mum to leave him and Mum was distraught!  Joe had stopped eating, wasn’t sleeping and had stopped doing activities he used to find enjoyable! He was not happy going to school or staying in school but after just 2 sessions, Joe was back eating, sleeping and doing the activities he enjoys.  Mum can drop him at school and he happily skips in and gets the bus home, like he used to.  His Mum and family could not believe this was the same child and are over the moon 🙂

“Would like to say thank you to this beautiful lady who helped my son so much I highly recommend what she can do, a beautiful lady inside and out and knows her stuff thank you Rita McAlonan for supporting us and being there xo”

You are not a full stop ;

You’re story isn’t over yet!

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