No More School Anxiety for Gill*

Gill is 8 and loved school until P4 and then a ‘stricter’ teacher made school very stressful for her.  The tears and shaking and not wanting to let mummy go home was totally new to Mum.  Gill had always loved school and now she didn’t want to go. She cried all day in school and the teacher tried lots of strategies and worked with Mum but still Gill’s anxiety got worse!! Mum brought her to me and I can happily report that she is back to be the happy, smiley, fun 8 yo she was before :).

“We talk all the time now, have a good bedtime in place, which has helped. Thanks for everything you put into place for Gill*.  This has definitely helped her and me” Gills Mum.

You are not a full stop ;

You’re story isn’t over yet!

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