“Want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer” – Stephen Porges

Trauma can be defined as anything that overwhelms us!

When we are overwhelmed, we rely on our primitive responses that are hard-wired into our physiology. Most people know about the Fight/Flight and Freeze responses which occur when we are overwhelmed or sense threat.

One of the questions our nervous systems are asking is ‘AM I SAFE?’ If the answer is NO then automatically we take action with Fight, Flight or Freeze. This is a very useful strategy to have if we detect danger but not so useful if there is no danger or if the danger has subsided and we continue to respond as if there is no safety. This can continue for days, weeks, months or even years, which is not helpful or healthful!

Safety is my No.1 rule. I pace your recovery and hold space for you to be safe in moving through a traumatic experience, so you can change how you feel about the traumatic event and take control. I help you find ways to return to safety by using Mind – Body Science.

Trained in and working with the latest neuroscience, neurobiology and polyvagal theory enables me to help you find your way back to health.

Trauma Recovery is generally not a straight path, working with a trauma informed therapist like myself will help resource you and when you meet it again, you will meet it in a different and more resourced way.

You are not a full stop ;

You’re story isn’t over yet!

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