“Success at school should not depend on children having the confidence or extroversion to speak up in a room full of people, or approach an adult they have no rapport with. There are just too many children who will be stifled by the expectation, not because they are not capable, but for now, they feel safer keeping their skills, knowledge and opinions quiet.” – Karen Young

I have helped many children and supported them to understand and manage their anxiety within the home and school setting. Anxiety around school can lead to school refusal if left unsupported.

Listening to the young persons account of what it is like for them is very important. Feeling heard is the 1st step to accepting help and making changes.

My School Readiness Programme and Reflex Pattern Integration work goes a long way to support children and young people who have anxiety around school and school work. Even where there is a specific learning difference (SpLD), there is lots we can do to support any comorbidities or which there will be some.

You are not a full stop ;

You’re story isn’t over yet!

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