Cancer diagnosis, treatment, post cancer treatment and living with cancer can be a very daunting time. It can be a difficult illness to process and navigate.

It is more important than ever, to look after yourself and nurture yourself. It is also a great opportunity to to look after yourself and nurture yourself.

Cancer treatment is a rollercoaster of emotions and we need an outlet for these. We need someone to compassionately listen and hold space while we go through what can be the most difficult time of our lives. Often, it isn’t until the treatment has ending that we take stock of what has happened and we need to spend as much time as possible healing mind, body and soul.

A cancer patient may go through many painful procedures so it is very important to experience safe, therapeutic touch. This is where I can help. I can offer support whether it be listening, talking or body work or all of these. I have been on this journey and as a CANCER SURVIVOR, I know, I get it!

You are not a full stop ;

You’re story isn’t over yet!

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