“People start to heal the moment they feel heard”

1 to 1 focused therapy sessions, tailored to meet your needs. After an initial conversation we will plan a way forward with your goals in mind. I am trained in many therapy modalities which integrate together to make sure you get the help and support you need.

My training is extensive and I have trained with the world’s best. I am TRAUMA TRAINED and TRAUMA INFORMED. This is very important and it is something you should ask before working with a professional.

Some people delay seeking help because they are afraid of retelling or reliving a past experience. If you are worried about this or being re-traumatised, I fully understand. My number one rule is SAFETY and I establish this early on and I work at your pace. I can help you without hearing the full story, so please do not allow this to be the thing that stops you seeking help and moving forward with your life.

I support adults and children and all my therapies meet the needs of my clients, no matter what age or gender.

When you work with me, we work as a team and I will teach you skills for life. I support my clients to be able to live their lives to their full potential! My therapies cover the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your life. You do not need to know what therapy you need as I know what will work best for you.

You are not a full stop ;

You’re story isn’t over yet!

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