Success Stories


No More Tears and Fears for Joe* (and Mum)

When Joe’s Mum called she was in tears and at the end of her tether.  Joe (age 8) has a diagnosis of ASD and had  been going to school fine until recently and then something happened. He was having meltdowns at home and in school.  He was full of fear and anxiety and he didn’t want Mum to leave him and Mum was distraught!  Joe had stopped eating, wasn’t sleeping and had stopped doing activities he used to find enjoyable! He was not happy going to school or staying in school but after just 2 sessions, Joe was back eating, sleeping and doing the activities he enjoys.  Mum can drop him at school and he happily skips in and gets the bus home, like he used to.  His Mum and family could not believe this was the same child and are over the moon 🙂

“Would like to say thank you to this beautiful lady who helped my son so much I highly recommend what she can do, a beautiful lady inside and out and knows her stuff thank you Rita McAlonan for supporting us and being there xo”


Little Jane* is 5 years old and her Mummy contacted me when out of the blue, Jane was afraid of going to school.  She had started P1 4 months previously and was the happiest child in school.  The teachers found her an absolute delight and she made friends easily.  She didn’t find the work hard and had run into school everyday without looking back for Mummy or Daddy. Then one day she didn’t want to go to school and was literally shaking and crying in her bed. She fought getting her uniform on and broke down going into the classroom. Mummy and Daddy and the school, had no recollection of an incident or event that may have caused this.  Little Jane had no idea either!  Without knowing the incident I worked with Jane over 2 sessions and she has ‘returned’ to being the happy and free little girl she was. Home and school life are back to what they were before :).  Jane’s mum is delighted she can call on me as Jane grows up and she now has someone she trusts if she needs help in the future.

 No More School Anxiety for Gill*

Gill is 8 and loved school until P4 and then a ‘stricter’ teacher made school very stressful for her.  The tears and shaking and not wanting to let mummy go home was totally new to Mum.  Gill had always loved school and now she didn’t want to go. She cried all day in school and the teacher tried lots of strategies and worked with Mum but still Gill’s anxiety got worse!! Mum brought her to me and I can happily report that she is back to be the happy, smiley, fun 8 yo she was before :).

“We talk all the time now, have a good bedtime in place, which has helped. Thanks for everything you put into place for Gill*.  This has definitely helped her and me” Gills Mum.

A Very Happy Mum

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Rita, who has helped my 16 year old daughter immensely. She is a fantastic coach, caring, funny, so informative and above all so easy for my daughter to trust whole heartedly. All the techniques she taught her to use and the tools and confidence she has given her to continue with at home have been amazing. Thank you so much Rita, we both really appreciate what you have helped her achieve. Highly recommended ***** Marie”

HUGS for Mum after 8 years

I worked with a very smart and clued in 8 year old with a diagnosis of Autism.  He had ‘a lot’ going on and I started working with him to build his trust.  We worked through some of the stuff that was immediately bothering him and after just 2 weeks his Mum came into the session and she was the happiest she could be!  That past week her little boy had started giving her hugs and couldn’t stop!  He had never hugged her before!  He couldn’t wait to show me and hugged his Mum and I was so happy for them both.  We continued to work for a few more sessions clearing away what he called ‘the Evil’ that was attacking him and working on strategies that would support him in school.  When I checked in on ‘the evil’ the following week, he had no idea what I was even talking about. Success!