MINDFUL MONDAYS continue with a New 4 week block starting Monday 16th September at 7.30pm and running for 4 consecutive Mondays (16/09, 23/09, 23/09, 07/10).

VENUE – private and relaxed setting Child & Adult Therapeutic Services on the Nutts Corner Road.

I have developed these classes called 'THE MENTAL DIET© and have been teaching them for a few years now and they continue to be very successful.

If you have never tried Mindfulness, then it will suit you. If you have and you want to get back into looking after yourself and would enjoy more Mindfulness and Relaxation, then this is also for you!

Try a 4 week course where you will:

- Learn how to change your negative thinking patterns
- Learn how to breath to stay calm.
- Learn what the connection is between our Minds and Bodies and once we understand this then we can make the changes to be healthier and happier.

I explain everything fully and all 'tips' and 'tricks' are easily integrated and will enable you to make significant changes to your daily life!
Notes and meditations (mp3) provided.

Classes include learning Mindful Eating which is always a firm favourite.

Here’s what one person said when she completed a 4 week course -

"This course helped me to understand myself more, made me feel more alive & better about myself. I loved it and think more people should do this course".

A full course is a small investment of ONLY £44. OR take advantage of the EARLY BIRD OFFER - £40. If booked and paid for by Monday 02/09/2019. *These are small classes so I need minimum numbers to run them.

Contact me for more details or how to book

FB @childadulttherapies or call me on 07789767700


Mindfulness & Relaxation

 Courses run for 4 consecutive weeks.  Please contact me for venues or I can come to your place of work.


To Book, you can make a friends and family payment at Paypal using my email



Have some 'Me Time' and come along to Wellness Wednesdays. Over the 6 weeks you will learn more about things like Stress, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Health and Nutrition. It will be a Safe Space to Relax and De-stress.
The 6 classes will run on the 18/09, 25/09, 02/10, 9/10, 16/10, 23/10. The 6 weeks cost only £45 and all equipment (pillows, blankets, mats etc.) and materials are provided

Bookings must be made in advance and minimum numbers are required to run the course.

To book and pay please contact me on FB Child & Adult Therapeutic Services Call me on 07789767700 or email me

Are you stressed and anxious some or all the time? 

Are you or do you know someone who needs to be less negative and be more positive? 

Do you have friends or family who are so stressed that they are ill a lot of the time or just generally fed up!  

A mental diet course teaches strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Come along and find techniques, useful and practical ways to enjoy life and all its challenges!

Fill your 'toolbox' with useful and practical ways to reduce stress, turn off that 'negative mind chatter' and learn to enjoy life in the present moment. 

I am professionally trained in Mindfulness, Meditation, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Meditation and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping).

Everything I teach you is experiential and backed by science!

I practice everything I teach and have life experience and real life examples to use.